We are proud of our high-quality plants and flowers. That is why we use all components of the hemp plant to make the entire spectrum of its useful properties accessible to a broad public. 


From the perfect nutrient medium to controlled irrigation and optimal lighting conditions to a careful harvesting and ripening process, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to caring for our plants. In full compliance with the applicable legal regulations we refrain from using growth-promoting products, insecticides or fungicides. Our continuous quality process is based on strict hygienic, ecological and sustainable criteria. As a result, we are being rewarded with flowers of exquisite quality.


Thanks to the latest scientific methods such as ethanol extraction using ultrasonic waves and further filtration to purify active ingredients, we can produce cannabinoids in any desired concentration and based on different carrier media. In addition to producing cannabis flowers as a raw material of the highest quality, we currently focus on the extraction of cannabinoid extracts as a full-spectrum oil with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and terpenes.


Through further filtration and concentration, we gain CBD isolate, which in its crystalline form is the purest and strongest active ingredient on the market. The diverse uses and applications of our CBD isolate are almost unlimited, and its versatility is impressive. As a pure raw material, CBD isolate can be added to processed products in any desired concentration. This gives our customers complete control over the proportion of cannabinoids in their products.


Through the careful combination of cosmetic active ingredients, we develop excellent results for demanding skin. We guarantee high product quality through the careful selection of our raw materials and permanent analysis of the starting and end products. We attach importance to organic agriculture, sustainability and origin. Our cosmetic products contain no harmful additives and are manufactured according to the strict standards of organic cosmetics.


Marco Ackermann
COO – Partner


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